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8th April, 2015

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Wine List

*Every effort is made to offer listed vintages & current pricing, however they may change without notice.


NV     Ceravolo Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir  Adelaide Hills, SA  37

NV     Nautilus Brut  Marlborough, NZ  70

NV     Croser Chardonnay Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills, SA  52

NV     Dalz Otto 'Pucino' Prosecco King Valley, Vic  47
2013 Rolf Binder Tramino Frizzante (semi sweet)  Barossa Valley, SA  45

NV     Simon Greenleaf Chardonnay Pinot Noir  Adelaide Hills, SA  47


NV     Billicart-Salmon Brut Reserve Mareuil-sur-AY, France 150
NV     Canard Duchene Cuvee Leonie Champagne, France 115
NV     Vevue Clicquot Brut  Reims, France 155

2004 Dom Perignon  Epernay, France 320

Sparkling Red & Rosé
NV     Geoff Hardy 'Hand Crafted' Sparkling Red  McLaren Vale, SA  45
2014 Bird in Hand Pinot Noir Rosé  Adelaide Hills, SA 49
NV     Rockford 'Black Shiraz'  Barossa Valley, SA 120


2013 Mesh Eden Valley, SA  51

2012 Mocandunda  Clare Valley, SA  41
2014 Petaluma ’Hanlin Hill’ Clare Valley, SA  56

2014 Paracombe (No Oak) Adelaide Hills, SA  43

2013 Shaw & Smith M3 Adelaide Hills, SA  75
2013 Vasse Felix 'Filius'  Margaret River WA  49

Sauvignon Blanc
2014 Cloudy Bay Marborough, NZ  63
2013 Dalrymple Piper River, TAS 48

2012 Tomich Woodside Vineyard Adelaide Hills, SA  47

2014 Shaw & Smith Adelaide Hills, SA  52
2013 Babich 'Black Label' Marlborough, NZ  44


Semillon & Blends

2013 Xanadu 'DJl' Sauvignon blanc/Semillon  Margaret River, WA 45

2004 Tyrell’s ’Vat 1’ Semillon  Hunter Valley, NSW  105
2011 Brokenwood Semillon Hunter Valley, NSW  48

Other White Varietals
2014 Hahndorf Hill Pinot Grigio Adelaide Hills, SA 49

2013 Lake Breeze Vermentino  Langhorne Creek,SA  40
2008 Paola Sodra Roero Arneis Alba, Italy 50

2011 Saint Clair Gruner Vetliner  Marborough, NZ  45

2013 Nautilus Pinot Gris  Marborough,NZ  59

2014 Rockford White Frontignac Barossa Valley, SA 47

2012 Turkey Flat 'Butchers Block MVR'  Barossa Valley,SA  44

2012 Yalumba 'Fine Sweet' Botrytis (sweet)  Wrattonbully,SA  45

Rosé Style Wine
2014 Charles Melton 'Rose of Virginia' Barossa Valley, SA 43
2014 Rockford Alicante Bouchet Barossa Valley, 47

Cabernet Sauvignon
2009 Chain of Ponds 'Amadeus' Adelaide Hills, SA 59
2012 Parker Estate 'Terra Rossa' Coonawarra, SA 75

2012 Yalumba 'The Cigar'   Coonawarra,SA 50

Cabernet Sauvignon Premium

2008 Grant Burge 'Shadrach'  Barossa Valley, SA 118

2010 Yalumba 'The Menzies' Coonawarra,SA  90

2012 Penfolds 'Bin 707' Blend of Regions, SA  230

2012 Bent Creek 'Black Dog' McLaren Vale, SA 45

2013 Grant Burge 'Benchmark' Barossa Valley, SA 36

2007 Geoff Merrill Reserve McLaren Vale, SA 86
2012 Langmeil 'Valley Floor' Barossa Valley, SA 52

2013 Mollydooker 'Blue Eyed Boy' McLaren Vale, SA 75
2011 Mitolo ’The Jester’ McLaren Vale, SA 50

2013 Hewitson 'Ned & Henry' Barossa Valley, SA  49

2013 Two Hands ’Gnarly Dudes’ Barossa Valley, SA 51

2013 Glaetzer 'Bishop'  Barossa Valley,SA  60

Shiraz Premium

2011 Rockford Basket Press Barossa Valley, SA 120

2011 Penfolds 'St. Henri'  Blend of Regions, SA 145

2011 Penfolds 'RWT' Barossa Valley,SA 290

2008 Grant Burg 'Meshach' Barossa Valley, SA 220

2004 Geoff Merrill 'Henley' McLaren Vale, SA 290

2013 Molly Dooker 'Carniaval of Love' McLaren Vale, SA 120

2010 Langmeil 'The Freedom' Barossa Valley, SA 150

2008 Henschke Hill of Grace  Barossa Valley, SA 790
2004 Penfolds 'Grange' Blend of Regions, SA 950

Other Red Varietals
2010 Antinori 'Peppoli' Chianti Classico Tuscany, Italy 57

2013 Coriole Barbera McLaren Vale, SA 48

2013 La Prova Sangiovese Barossa Valley, SA  45

2010 Melini Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano Tuscany, Italy 35

2011 Mr Riggs Tempranillo Adelaide Hills, SA 50
2012 Rusden 'Good Sherpard' Cab/Malbec  Barossa Valley, SA  63

2010 Irvine Spring Merlot  Barossa Valley,SA 38

2013 Chaffey Bros. Battle for Barossa Temp/Garna  Barossa Valley, SA  46

2009 Zenato Valpolicella Classico Superiore  Venento,Italy  52

Pinot Noir

2013 Tomich Woodside Vineyard Pinot Noir  Adelaide Hills, SA  47

2012 Oakridge Yarra Valley, Vic 52

2010 Louis Latour Pinot Noir Bourgogne  Burgundy,France  53
2013 Ashton Hills 'Estate'  Piccadilly Valley, SA  60

Grenache & Blends

2013 Cirillo 'The Vincent' Grenache  Barossa Valley SA 42
2012 Ulithorne 'Dona' GSM  McLaren Vale, SA  43

2008 Murray Street 'The Barossa' GSM Barossa Valley, SA 47

Red Blends
2009 Aramis Shiraz Cabernet McLaren Vale, SA 38

2013 Chaffey Bros. Super Barossa Shiraz Cabernet  Barossa Valley,SA  47

2012 Penfolds 'Bin 389' Cabernet Shiraz  Blend of Regions, SA 105

2011 Rockford 'Rod & Spur' Shiraz Cabernet Barossa Valley, SA 69

Wines by the Glass
Champagne & Sparkling Wines
2014 Bird in Hand Sparkling Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills, SA 12.0
NV     Croser Chardonnay Pinot Noir Adelaide Hills, SA 11.5

NV     Geoff Hardy 'Hand Crafted' Sparkling Red McLaren Vale, SA 11

NV     Moët & Chandon Imperial (Piccolo 200ml) Epernay, France 39
NV     Ceravolo Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot Noir  Adelaide Hills, SA  9.0

2013 Rolf Binder Tramino Frizzante (semi sweet) Barossa Valley, SA 10.0

White Wines
2013 Aramis 'White Label' Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA 9.5

2014 Paracombe Chardonnay (No Oak) Adelaide Hills, SA 10.0

2013 Xanadu 'DJL'Sauvignon Blanc/Semillon  Margaret River, WA  11.0

2012 Saint Clair Gruner Vetliner  Marborough, NZ  11.0

2014 Hahndorf Hill Pinot Grigio Adelaide Hills, SA 11.5

2013 Babich 'Black Label' Sauvignon Blanc  Marlborough, NZ  10.5

2014 Rockford White Frontignac Barossa Valley, SA 11.0

2012 Tomich Woodside Vineyard Sauvignon Blanc Adelaide Hills, SA  11.5

2012 Mocandunda Riesling Clare Valley, SA 10.0

2012 Yalumba Botrytis Viognier (sweet) Wrattonbully, SA  12.0

Rosé Style Wine
2009 Michael Hall ’San de Pigeon’ Shiraz Barossa Valley, SA 9.0
2010 Rockford Alicante Bouchet Barossa Valley, SA 9.9

Red Wines
2009 Aramis Shiraz Cabernet  McLaren Vale, SA 9.5

2012 Bent Creek 'Black Dog' Shiraz  McLaren Vale, SA 11.0

2013 Chaffey Bros. Super Barossa Shiraz/Cab  Barossa Valley, SA  12.0

2013 Hewitson 'Ned & Henry' Shiraz  Barossa Valley, SA  11.5

2013 Cirillo 'The Vincent' Grenache  Barossa valley, SA  10.0

2013 La prova Sangiovese Barossa Valley, SA  10.5

2010 Irvine 'Springhill' Merlot Barossa Valley, SA 9.0

2012 Ulithorne 'Dona' Grenache Shiraz Mourvedre  McLaren Vale, SA  10.5

2012 Yalumba 'The Cigar' Cabernet Sauvignon  Coonawarra, SA  12.0

2013 Tomich Woodside Vineyard Pinot Noir  Adelaide Hills, SA   11.5

2010 Melini Vino Nobile Di Montepulciano  Tuscany, Italy  8.5

2012 Rusden 'Good Sheperd' Cab/Malbec  Barossa Valley, SA  14.0

2014 Rockford Alicante Bouchet Rosé  Barossa Valley,SA  11.0

Dessert Wines

2013 Rolf Binder Tramino Frizzante (Moscato) Barossa Valley  10.0
2011 Yalumba 'Fine Sweet' Botrytis Viognier Wrattonbully, SA 12.0

*Every effort is made to offer listed vintages & current pricing, however they may change without notice.

Carlton Draught (VIC)
Cascade Premium Light (TAS)

Clare Valley Brewing Co. 'The Fuzz' Mid Strength (SA)
Coopers Clear (SA)
Coopers Dark Ale (SA)
Coopers Original Pale Ale (SA)
Coopers Sparkling Ale (SA)
Crown Lager (VIC)
James Boags Premium Lager (TAS)
James Squire Original Amber Ale (NSW)

Hahn Super Dry (NSW)
Knappstein Reserve Lager (Clare, SA)

Prancing Pony Blonde Ale (SA)

Prancing Pony Amber Ale (SA)

Tooheys Extra Dry (NSW)
Vale Ale (SA)

Becks (Germany)
Budejovicky Budvar (Czech)

Castello (Italy)
Corona (Mexico)
Grolsch Swing Top (Holland) – 445ml
Guinness Extra Stout (Ireland)
Heineken (Amsterdam)

Konig Ludwig Weissbier (Germany) – 500ml
Peroni Nastro Azzuro (Italy)
Stella Artois (Belgium)

The Hills Apple Cider
The Hills Pear Cider

Mineral Water Santa Vittoria
Spring Water Santa Vittoria

Aperitifs & Digestifs
Amaro Montenegro
Cinzano Dry / Rosso
Grappa Tignanello
Pimms No1
Rosso Antico

Baileys Irish Cream
Disaronno Amaretto
Grand Marnier
Tia Maria

Bourbon, Bakers
Bourbon, Jack Daniels
Bourbon, Jim Beam
Bourbon, Wild Turkey
Brandy, St Agnes
Gin, Bombay Saphire
Gin, Tanqueray
Rum, Bacardi
Rum, Bacardi 151
Rum, Bundaberg
Rum, Mt Gay

Scotch, Johnnie Walker Red
Tequila, Jose Cuervo especial
Vodka, Absolute
Vodka, Grey Goose

Vodka, Stolichnaya

Campbells Rutherglen Muscat or Tokay (45ml)
Galway Pipe 12yr Grand Tawny
Lustau San Emilio, Pedro Ximénez
Lustau San Papirusa, Manzanilla
Penfolds Club Tawny
Penfolds Grandfather Rare Tawny
Saltram Mr Pickwick’s Particular Port

Whisky, Cognac & Armagnac
Armagnac Janneau VSOP
Chivas Regal 12yr Scotch Whisky
Courvoisier VSOP Cognac
Glenfiddich 12yr Single Malt
Glenmorangie 10yr Single Malt
Hennessy Paradis Extra Rare Cognac
Johnnie Walker Black Label
Laphroaig 10yr Single Malt
Remy Martin XO Imperial Cognac
Talisker 10yr Single Malt
The Glenlivet 12yr Single Malt

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